Why choose us

We are not only translators!We are familiar with leather, production and popular designs . If necessary, we are always happy to offer you good designs, our honest advice about any detail in the business process. E.g. how to make packaging more reliable, how to send goods faster and cheaper etc.

We are not intermediaries and not a trading company. We work as your purchasing managers in China and sales in factories. You don’t need pay us,our services are covered by the factory where you place the order. There are no hidden commission between us.Doing business transparently could reduce the risk of losing your funds. We help to find the suitable suppliers ,orgnize meeting with factories, you can communicate with the them and settle payment directly. For our part, we fulfill our obligations: control the production process, ensure the quality of goods, packaging, shipment, etc. ... What you need to do is approve the order and the goods will be delivered to you intact and on time!


Contact: Bella

Phone: +86015917354156

Tel: +86 15917354156

Email: sales@charmiibag.com


Add: No.12 Junhe Street,Baiyun District, Guangzhou

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