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Is it difficult to find reliable Chinese suppliers of leather bags?

Come to us! We work with many real Chinese factories, which have high-quality and not expensive goods, but without experience in exporting products. They do not know the language well and are not so familiar with the export process. Their bags have been sold abroad for many years with a large margin through trading companies .To help factories selling more products abroad and finding reliable partners for customers- is our job!

Our Charmii team began its journey in leather goods since 2010 in Guangzhou where locate the largest market of handbags and 70% factories of leather goods in China. All specialists in our team have proficient communication skills in Russian and English,rich experience in products and quality controlling.

We take responsibility to operate customers’ orders, from controlling production ,packaging to delivering goods. We are also trustworthy with cash settlements with the factories and other issues related to business. Charmii is the expert in manufacturing and sourcing leather goods in China. International sourcing becomes easier when work with us!

We do it better than others

Quality products. From sourcing raw material (leather, lining ,handwares etc.) to finished bags ,each step of the production is under our supervision.

Rich product categories.We regularly update the supplier database and product catalogs. The suitable products will be offered according to your budget.

Reliable packaging for international delivery. After many years work with leather goods, we know well how to make quality packaging to make sure all bags will be delivered in good condition, without indentation, mildew,etc.

Fast production and delivery. Order will be finished in 30 days, reliable CARGO helps deliver the goods on time.

Complete OEM/ODM service. In addition to sewing bags, the Charmii team also help to  order woven materials (lining) , as well as labels, gift bags  etc. under your brand.

Small orders are accepted. No need a large amoun at first. It’s easy to start your business with us!

Strict quality control. From raw materials to finished products, the whole process of production is controlled by Charmii team. We do an online inspection for customers, our inspector will communicate with clients on Skype / Wechat or any other convenient way for them, so that they can always be updated with news in factories.

Charmii -your eyes in factories in China!


Contact: Bella

Phone: +86015917354156

Tel: +86 15917354156

Email: sales@charmiibag.com


Add: No.12 Junhe Street,Baiyun District, Guangzhou

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